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Many religious authorities, muslim and christian, pointed out the fallacy of condemning a religion for acts carried out by violent people who claim to. California today: muslim candidate says he’s ‘triple threat to donald trump’ image dr asif mahmood, a doctor of pulmonary medicine who is running for lieutenant governor of california in 2018, at his office in san marino on tuesday. Oh nice so this is what we have to look forward to in obama’s “new america” father josiah trenham described the threats on his orthodox church in california muslims screamed “allahu akbars” at st andrew orthodox church during its sunday service they brought their bullhorn so everyone would get the message via fox news and [. Ncic serves to be a platform that promotes dialogue and facilitates co-operation among muslim organizations, and encourages active engagement in the larger northern california civic society find us on.

Our faith is against this kind of behavior, said muzammil siddiqi, religious director of the islamic society of orange county and chairman of the islamic shura council of southern california yet for the more than 25 million muslims living in the united states, these implications have been unavoidable, cropping up on. A mosque, or masjid, is the place of worship for muslims with the largest muslim population, california is cited to have more mosques than any other state in the united states the following map includes the name, contact information and website for masjids in california california mosque map the information used in the map. The san bernardino shooters who were killed by police, syed rizwan farook and tashfeen malik, have been identified by law enforcement as a muslim husband and wife team who began their day by dropping their 6-month-old baby at a family member’s home, saying they were headed out to a doctor’s.

Watch video  seven muslim women who were kicked out of a southern california restaurant are suing the business for discrimination, alleging that they were singled out for wearing headscarves in an area that advocates say has seen an increase in hate crimes. California is a place where madness rules the day – a place that forever pushes the bleeding edge of idiotic trends, foolish ideas, dangerous public policy, communism masked as socialism masked as progressivism masked as liberalism masked as democrats, and the whole enchilada of what we now refer. The california state assembly voted monday to pass a resolution that officially recognizes august 2016 as muslim appreciation and awareness month the resolution comes at a time of increased anti-muslim rhetoric, according to a recent civil rights report compiled by the california chapter of the. Watch video as california county workers mingled wednesday morning at a holiday banquet, a pair of maniacs intent on murder barged in with guns.

Santa ana, calif --seven muslim women are suing a southern california cafe, claiming they were kicked out because of their religion and were treated like animals, cbs los angeles reports one of the plaintiffs, sara farsakh, said: i felt embarrassed, outraged and shocked by the discrimination my. Cair-ca is a chapter of the council on american-islamic relations (cair), the nation’s largest muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization its mission is to enhance the understanding of islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower american muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding. California's muslim community expressed its horror at the mass shooting that killed at least 14 in san bernardino, after a local muslim man was widely identified as a suspect syed farook, a us citizen who worked for the town's health department, is believed to have been killed in a shootout. Muslim community association of the san francisco bay area, one of the largest communities in the usa.

Muslim women are opening a new, inclusive mosque in california qal’bu maryam women's mosque says it welcomes all genders to its services by antonia blumberg. Everyday jw documents actual murders and extreme violence committed by muslims acting out the plans spelled out in the koran meanwhile, years go by between acts of violence committed in the name of other religions. Seven muslim women who filed a civil rights lawsuit last month claiming they were kicked out of a busy california restaurant and publicly humiliated just for being “muslim ladies in a prominent spot” wearing hijabs have been accused of “civilizational jihad” on wednesday, the californian.

Two mosques were attacked by vandals in the same southern california town -- incidents that authorities are investigating as possible hate crimes, police said police in hawthorne, california, responded on sunday morning to a report of vandalism and a possible explosive device in front of the ahmadiyya muslim community baitus.

The california muslim community and to urge them to vote in the elections on november 2nd cair-ca pac's voter advisory for the november 2nd elections located on the. Breaking: terror in california park as muslims open fire on visitors shouting “allahu akbar. An exact figure of muslim population in the united states is very difficult to make the figures presented here are based on available data.

California islamic university constitutes a program of study that is catered to muslims living in the west it draws on the wisdom and experience of traditional islamic institutions worldwide while taking into consideration the historical-critical approach to studying religion as taught in western universities. The california department of education has ruled that a middle school teacher in ventura county presented material about islamic sharia law that was discriminatory and biased in january, the council on american-islamic relations’ los angeles chapter filed an appeal on behalf of a ventura county. And they need to be muslim, because non-muslims are not allowed to testify against muslims under sharia, this poor girl would be accused of unlawful sex and stoned to death which is the penalty for adultery, not “chopping off the penis. Hate crimes and attacks against muslims doubled in california last year – report the data in california, which has the largest muslim population in the country, echoes a number of recent reports that have indicated sharp increases in hate crimes and bias incidents after paris and san bernardino, hate crimes against muslim americans and mosques tripled, according to a california.

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